Shannon believes each person has the capacity for a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life. She draws on principles of Jungian depth psychology, working from the inside out to help you become everything you are meant to be. She helps you gain the freedom to explore what you really want from life, to define new directions, to clarify your vision and desire and find meaning in and through your life experiences.

She brings over 20 years of clinical experience, adherence to best clinical practices, research-based interventions including Sandplay® Therapy, EMDR, and mindfulness practices. She does this in a supportive and caring environment.


Dandelions evoke sweet childhood memories of wishes and hopes of dreams coming true. They are symbolically associated with purity, life and vitality. They shed a light upon that which is hidden and spread our hopes and dreams through their tiny seeds carried on the wind. They add a wish of happiness and a promise of complete and utter faithfulness. Seeds take root and become dreams realized. Moving towards wholeness in our lives leads us beyond mere wishes and connects us to our own personal worth, value and purpose.


For Individuals

Shannon believes through struggles and painful experiences you can discover deeper meaning and purpose in life.  She recognizes anxiety, depression and traumatic events as doorways to living a more authentic and richer life. She assists in helping you figure out your personal path through your current challenges.

Shannon works with those in transitions in life through career changes, illness, divorce, changes in family, second half of life issues and other challenges life inevitably brings. She does this in a manner that has most meaning to the individual. She explores themes in dreams, Sandplay, life patterns and everyday life.

She has spent over twenty years studying both psychological and spiritual practices that allow transformation to be more fully realized within each individual. Connecting individuals to their own, sometimes hidden, inner meaning and purpose in life is Shannon’s greatest passion.

Shannon has been married for over twenty years and is the parent of two teens. She understands the challenges, expectations and disappointments within family relationships. Shannon continues to grow in humility and acceptance in both the messiness and joy that comes with raising children and family life.

For Teens

Shannon brings extensive teen and family experience and a belief that parent involvement is important. She has worked with teens in many different settings including residential treatments centers, agencies, private practice and church communities. Her extensive work with youth has enabled her to understand the common themes and struggles teens are grappling with trough these challenging years.

Shannon helps teens understand what is happening with their intellectual and emotional development during this very tumultuous time. She helps them sort through the conflicting and often contradictory messages and pressure they may be experiencing with peers, family and the culture at large. She helps them find their own inner wisdom and tap into their innate healing potential.

Teens are struggling to find their own identities and how they best fit into their families and communities as they change and mature. They need to discover their unique contribution and sense of belonging. They may experiment with risky behavior, substance abuse, promiscuity and contrary beliefs and ideas. Shannon helps them sort through what has meaning and why they are engaging in escape strategies that can cause serious harm to themselves and families.  She helps them more fully understand their developmental tasks and how to connect with their own gifts and talents, and how to pursue their dreams and passions in constructive ways.

Parent Involvement and Education

Shannon realizes how difficult it can be when a parent realizes their child or teen's struggles are not resolving even with their best efforts. She honors and respects when a parent takes steps to help their child. Shannon partners with parents by involving them in the therapeutic process through in-session participation, expanding parenting tools, and providing ongoing support. This is determined through collaboration with teen, parent and therapist. She believes it is important for parents to understand what is happening from the teen's perspective during counseling. Parents are vital in their teen's healing.

Parenting traumatized children and teens, experiencing acute or chronic difficulties can be challenging and painful for the whole family. Separate consultations are valuable when a parent would like more focused assistance including helping children and teens process difficult emotions, recognizing and responding behavioral changes, and understanding what is happening in therapy sessions. Sometimes this level of therapeutic involvement may bring up difficult or unresolved pain from a parent's own history. It is suggested at these times that a parent seek out additional support, possibly their own therapy.

Shannon offers parenting classes throughout the year that increase parenting skills and confidence. Parents consistently report learning new tools and collaborating with other parents helps normalize the everyday challenges that comes with  raising children and teens.